Is my partner taking advantage of me?

We have been together 6yrs, both of us are divorced and both have 3 kids. We met online and started a long distance relationship. I spent a year and a half flying to see him in Ireland every other weekend and after it just got to be too much. He said we should move over.

So after making the decision, my children and I moved to Ireland. We stayed 3 years during which time he lost his job and I was forced to have benefits and housing benefit. Every penny he got he gave to his ex-wife while I payed all the bills!! The rent and food basically kept us going. If I asked for help with a bill or anything he would say he couldn't help and his responsibilities were with his kids and had to pay for them first, making me feel terrible for asking.

Eventually my kids and I moved back home. He came with us as he said he loved me. Now we are in exactly the same situation. He contributes �400 a month...a hundred pounds a week to live, and thats it. I pay the rent, the bills, the food...everything. And he says that amount of money is fair. I can't help but think if he had to live alone. His living expenses (rent, food, bills, etc) would equate to far more that �100 a week.

He watches me and my kids suffer week in week out. I have helped him so much in the past with debts and money. He recently bought himself a very nice car and his son calls him on a weekly basis asking for things and he sends him hundreds of pounds every week. He also sends things to his ex wife. Last week he sent �200 for a bike when we are having a meter put in to pay off the electric debt. We don't have much and I feel my kids are suffering. There is no way I could afford to give my own children 200 for a bike. If I approach him with the subject of helping with bills he gets very angry and says I want him to not support his kids. this is not true!!!! Of course he has responsibilities. Like my ex husband, he pays me a set amount each month and thats it.

Am I being unreasonable to ask him? He says I am? I feel like he is taking advantage of me, and it is affecting our relationship.
By lilybell 16 years ago :: General
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