A Little Help In The Mornings!

A Little Help In The Mornings!
"I wake at 7am to get our daughter ready for school, do her hair, make us breakfast, pack lunchkit etc and take her to school. Her school is only 5min drive from our home on my husbands route to his office so by no means out of the way. She does not need to be there until 8:20am. Yes, she is 6 and does most everything herself but we all know as parents that if left alone they would play and play, as did happen this morning, we do have to keep pushing them to get dressed brush teeth etc etc.
I just get so frustrated sometimes and feel so much resentment because there are days that I wish I did not have to get up as well. My husband sleeps in till sometimes past 8am, leisurelly makes his way to the kitchen to make his coffee and slowely sip it while completing a suduko game in the newspaper or browse the internet. Then after the coffee has taken its course he goes to the bathroom for usually 10-15 min then take shower and get ready for work.

And yes he will say he has always had a problem getting up in the mornings but he could at least make an effort to go into work just a little earlier and take her into school which is on his way to work. I work from home and it would be great to start one hr earlier than I do to get some extra $$$ which we desperately need (we barely can make our monthly mortgage payment and other bills).

He does help out alot when I work on weekends and sometimes at nights. I am not saying he is a horrible person, this has always been a sore point in our relationship and I the argument is am I asking too much that he at least contribute in the mornings by taking her to school, therefore giving me a headstart with work to earn extra $$ ?.
By jan09 15 years ago :: Parenting
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