is this just a realt sucky friend?

I have one friend (im very shy) and whenever I ask her to go out or anything she either never gets back to me or comes up with an excuse. She has only accepted to hang out with me probably 3 times in the 8 years we have been friends. When she wants me to hang out I always accept, I find a babysitter and I show up. When I do come over it always ends up with wanting something from me, either a ride to pick up her boyfriend, or money for cigs. I really need friends at this point in my life since I am going through something so I won't tell her to get lost just yet...also she is my daughters godmother...she was my best friend. Also how do I make friends....I'm so shy and I'm 25 years old and married with a 3 year old, I would love to have a friend I can just get away with.
By kzbaby1231 15 years ago :: Friends
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