Should I say something?

My husband is the oldest of 8 kids in his family. All of them live out of town except for his parents and his sister. She is much younger than him so they never became too close. After she got married, the relationship between my family (me, my husband, and my two kids) got worse. One year, she really wanted to host Thanksgiving at her house. They had just settled in and wanted to have the family that was in-town over. One problem: she invited her parents, her husband's parents and two of her siblings, but told us she didn't have enough tables to fit the four of us.
Additionally, every year for Christmas, we gather at my in-laws house to open presents. My brother-in-law and his two kids and wife flew in for the holidays and it was gift exchange time. My sister in law gave both of his kids really nice gifts and sent, in the mail, our family a card for christmas. It's not the whole present thing, it's just the thought that bothered me.
Finally, now she is a mom of two kids and she stays over at my in-laws house alot, as in 3 days a week while her husband is at their house. Coincidentally, the days she stays over are the days that my son has a track meet. Her baby fusses a little bit, and automatically pulls up her shirt and nurses in front of everyone with no coverage. We don't really invite her, but she just tags along with her parents. My son loves having his grandparents there, but is embarrased by his aunt. Should I say something to her abut it? I don't want to create family drama! Thanks!
By beachlover1 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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