How do we see eye to eye when my husband sees our second vehicle as his and not ours?

I thought that we bought a car, but my husband sees it as his car. He bought a manual transmission and I do not know how to drive one. He said he would teach me and so I agreed that it would not be a bad idea. However, while we were at the dealership, I jokingly said that I would need to drive the car sometimes in order to get practice. He responded in a not so jokingly way that I could drive it when ever we were going out. (That is not very often) So he gave me one lesson and after the lesson he said that I did good. He also said that a person never really learns to drive until they drive the car regularly. So I again said well maybe once I drove the car a little more by taking it to work on some days then I would eventually get it. He responded again that I could learn to drive it whenever we go out. So I said well I guess I will never learn. My problem is that the new car is a crossover and "we" got a crossover because we have a 4 year old and a dog. Trips to the park would be easier. However, I am the one that usually take my son and the dog to the park, but I cant drive the crossover, so I have to cram the bike, the dog, and my son into my civic.
When I approached him about it I told him that I thought that he was being selfish because the whole point of this was that we would have a car that was more practical for the family. He said that he enjoys driving the car and that he would like to drive it to work everyday. He stands by that statement and does not see anything wrong with it.
This is extremely frustrating for me because I am a very giving person. If I met you and you didn't have a shirt. I would give you ten of mine. Material things do not mean that much to me. What annoys me is that "we" bought the car so that we can do the things that we want to do but he will not agree to me using it.He said that he does not have a problem with me using it but he just enjoys and would prefer to drive it to work everyday. Before he had the new car, we would swap cars because my car was more gas efficient and he does the longer drive. When his car started acting up I told him to use my car since he has the longer drive.
This weekend a friend of ours and his wife asked to borrow my car because theirs broke down. So we agreed to it. I had errands to run all weekend long and I had to ask him to take me everywhere. The problem was not lending out the car, the problem was that I can not drive what I thought was our second car.
By Brickhouse81 15 years ago :: Marriage
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