Should I stay with my husband?

My husband and I have been married for 4 years and we have a little girl. we are a younge couple I am 23 and he is 22. We have been having problems on and off for years. Ok so this is what happened he lost his job so we started to drink a lot and hang out with a lot of girls and guys and pretty much we both drifted apart. Well during that i kissed 2 guys and made out with one but it was because i was looking for affection, we were both just not carring about the other person at all but deep down we loved eachother. Come to find out he messed around also, I caught him in our house kissing a girl and kicked him out, well he came back and we agreed no more having friends and to focus on eachother. A little time went by and I caught him looking at naked pictuses after we promised we would both be good, so i got mad and said you better tell me everything you ever did and he told me that back when all that happened he slept with a girl but was too drunk to finish having sex with her. Now im hurt cause i never slept with any and never would. I feel like i cant trust him, should I leave him? I do but I dont Help
By boots 13 years ago :: Marriage
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