How do you know whether your boyfiend is just getting cold feet or really does not want to get married again?

My boyfriend and I met online and have been dating (long distance) on and off for about five years. We began to discuss marriage two years ago and more seriously in the last year. We have shopped for rings (he hasn't bought it yet), scouted a reception venue, met with clergy and told friends and family (I certainly have), but in the last few months he has been dragging his feet and putting off making decisions about our future together. He's been married before, is over 50 and has no children. I am over 40 and have never been married. We both want children and have also met with my doctor, a fertility specialist. He says ultimatums and pressure don't work for him and I am only pushing him away. What to do?!!!
By amusebouche19 15 years ago :: Dating
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