I'm stuck. We moved to this tiny midwest town 6 years ago. How can I start a new life here?

My husband and I were teachers in the south. He retrained and got this great new job and we moved to a state that does not recognize my certification. So, I can't work in my chosen job, I enjoy fine arts and music but the nearest city to offer those things is 3 hours away. We don't go to church, can't find an intellectual outlet and my husband is a total introvert. He would go out if I asked him to but he just waits patiently until we get to go home rather than enjoy our time out. Back home I had friends and it worked. Here it is causing stress. I have tried for 6 years to get something going but I'm just so lost. I hate being a housewife and I miss having a job but I can't find anything I'm qualified for. My hobbies and tastes are very cosmopolitan. I've tried to go back to the local university which didn't work out, tried to find a job, tried to start a business... These things need a large population to support. How can I make my life in this tiny place?
By Shutterbug 15 years ago :: General
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