At Will States - Firing People without Warning or Reason - Seems unfair to me, how about you?

I have been a manager before, but I would never fire someone without trying a lesser avenue for small offenses, or things that just didn't suit me. In general if an employee had not stolen or hurt me, my company or a co-worker, I would not fire them, but rebuke them with lesser punishments first, to give them a complete chance. I also feel that everyone should be given 90 days, prior to being let go, because many times when you are first hired, one doesn't feel comfortable and on-display so they tend to not be at thier optimum, till they have been in the position for a little while.

In relation to what occured me:

I was hired a month ago, in the capacity of Estimator for a Printing company. I had been looking for work for a while and after not finding a position I was qualified for, I decided out of the blue for giggles to apply for something I was not qualified for. I clearly shared with the owner, during my interview that I had never worked for a printing company, nor as an estimator, but would love the opportunity to learn something new. 3 out of 4 weeks I worked for this company, but was asked to do everything else outside of the position I was hired for. I was put on a project to create thousands of forms, which required me to print, cut, apply double sided tape, shrink wrap, box and label these forms...carrying them by hand from building to buidling. After the project completed I was asked to clean up the work area, which included scrubbing the floors "on my hands & knees" of the adhesive that had fallen while a group of us worked on this project. I never once complained, because I was thankful I had a job. I always did as I was instructed, whenever anyone asked me to do it. Anyway after 3 weeks, the 4th week I was finally allowed to enter training mode - where I listened intently, and took notes. During my week of training my boss assured me that he would not expect me to walk, before I crawled, and yet after the 4th week, I was let go. I say let go, because I really don't know what I would have been fired for, nor if it was a lay off. I asked clearly to be informed why I was being let go, and I was ignored. The owner (my direct supervisor) didn't even have the decency to call me himself to tell me "thanks, but not thanks", and when I asked the book keeper if she could ask for me,and get back with me...she refused to answer me, even when I said "So you will not ask why I was let go, and call me back?"

Now, I don't know if I will be refused unemployment, and the job interviews I had originally that I had turned down since this employer said they wanted me so badly and said that in 90 days they would give me a good raise...I am without work again, and without any notice, or warning.

I just don't think this is fair. How can anyone learn anything, and make changes if they did for some reason fail? I just feel like they know they are wrong, and so they don't want to lie to me about why they let me go.
By Wataday 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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