Should I every go back to my boyfriends home given his grown childrens actions towards me?

I am dating a 56 year old divorced man for 3 years with two kids age 24 (daughter) and age 19 (son) that live with him rent free. The 24 daughter is out of college living at home saving to buy a house. The 19 son doesn't know what he wants to do since he graduated 2 years ago. I don't live in the same city so I visit a couple of times a year. Both kids have always been rude to me when I visit. They avoid talking to me or are sometimes just rude to me when I visit. The son lies to his father about what he says to me. Dad acknowledges that the son lies but Dad never makes him apologize. When I get upset and demand the Dad take action, the Dad refuses. Two days ago the Dad told me that I wasnt really welcome at his house as long as his son was there because it caused too much tension. Of course I became very upset and have been for 2 days. Now today the Dad has done a complete turnaround and says I am always welcome.
By sleeplessinVA 14 years ago :: Dating
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