should my boyfriend have reacted differently?

first of all, i love my boyfriend to pieces, he is sooo great. i just want a general opinion.

im in high school hsc. I had maths and my bf's mate, came and sat next to me, i didnt ask him to and he just sat there. he asked me a few questions about the maths, like what answers i got. As soon as the class ended i told my boyfriend that he sat next to me, because i knew he might not be cool with that.

He said he was angry. And sort of started to ignore me, we went to health class and i sat with my friend and he sat with his like always, and after the class, he pretty much left straight away ( i wait for him after EVERY class, and he didnt wait for me for like 30 seconds). He continued to be annoyed at what happened the rest of the day. i dont like it when he gets annoyed, it makes me scared and sad.

What i dont understand is why my bf even gets jealous, hes so gorgeous, and i love him so much, we've been together for nearly two years and i could never want anyone else but him.
By goldy_locks 15 years ago :: Dating
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