Have I made a huge mistake?

I have just ended a relationship with a man that I've had a long history with. We started as friends 10 yrs ago, then I was in a relationship with someone else who is the father of my children. We dated the first time 5 yrs ago for about 9mths. and I ended it because he was cheating and I went back to my childrens father. Last year in the spring my man of 10 yrs committed suicide and the old boyfriend called me up about a month after it happened. We started seeing each other again and 2 months into it I found out he was married. Yes, I made the mistake to continue to see him and he left his wife in Feb. of this year. I let him move into my home, become close to my children and know I don't know if I've made a huge mistake by making him move out recently because I found out that he has lied to me repeatedly over small issues all the way down to gigantic issues, such as continuing to see his ex behind my back!!
Please...........any suggestions?????????
By countrygirl 15 years ago :: Dating
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