I've been friends with "Kathy" for 17 years. We had an altercation over a "dog" issue last year.

I had friends over in my backyard last year. All of the neighbor's dogs run around the neighborhood and play. Well, we weren't really paying attention and one of the dogs took a "nip" out of her dog's right paw. We all thought the dogs were just having a good time...playing...yapping. She accused all of us of covering up for the friend's dog who bit Kathy's dog. We had no idea that anything happened. I talked to her...wrote her a letter..said she should know me better than that to think I wouldn't care if her dog got hurt. We both have three kids..and we have gone through so much together. She does not believe me (so out of character for her) that we had no idea that her dog was hurt. Why didn't she come over and tell us right away? We all love dogs and would hate for any of them to get hurt. What would you do...we have mutual friends...and go on trips together. Should I just let her hold a grudge...It's her loss. Life is so short. This is ridiculous. I think she might be having mental issues. She was such an important part of my life. It's such a void.
By listerine 12 years ago :: Friends
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