Am I being too sensitive or overreacting to this situation.

My husband and I are in marriage counseling. Part of the reason was because I found some inappropriate e-mail conversations he was having with a co-worker, They were very warm and fuzzy. Nothing sexual. Statements like, " can't wait to work with you again", "call me later when you have time", "was just thinking about you..." The straw came when said co- worker invited him "out to play for a few hours for her birthday".

The therapist says that he was having an emotional affair and needs to deal with it. He denies it and states that there was no intention behind the e-mails. After a recent trip out of town I did some investigating and found out that he had a meeting with this person (completely work related). Our agreement was that he was going to inform me if he was interacting with her, simply because of this past history. He did not tell me about this even when I pushed him on it.

Yesterday I glanced at his e-mail and another person and he are "bantering" on e-mail. She teased him about misspelling words he jokes back. Her last e-mail stated "eye luv ewe two".

My husband admitted in our counseling that he fantasizes about women a lot (not me) and has for years. Am I wrong to feel uncomfortable about all of this. I'm starting to get angry. He claims his fantasies have nothing to do with me. When he's here he's with me and he would never cross the line.

I think he already has. Am I being to sensitive about all this?
By aah0131 15 years ago :: Marriage
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