Need help with my boyfriend (signifant other) of 10years and his emotional affairs and flirting.

my boyfriend is very handsome and charming and loves being friends with women however, I think he crosses the line with his friendships. texting, flirting, emotional affairs and we argue over normal husband/wife, finances, etc however, i supressed for many years accepting the fact i ve seen texts, email etc of other women and it's not that innocent anymore. It's not right in a relationship. I moved out for 2 weeks and he asked me back and i told him i can't be in this relationship not trusting him. He has lied about lunch dates, or texts and certain friends he doesnt share with me. He said I can't handle him being friends with women but it's the level he takes his friendships that I can't handle. I don't know what to do.. Should I leave and be happy and over this?
By grisoglio1 15 years ago :: Marriage
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