I believe I am right, but am I just bitter?

I was in a relationsip with my ex boyfriend for four years, on and off. We spent New Years 2007 and 2008 together. We've gone on 3 vacations together over the years. He would always say that I was scared to commit and the relationship was not progressing. I became pregnant and once I told him, he disappeared. I later found out he was engaged to another woman. He began to call me every week between my 5-7 months of pregnancy, however I refused to answer the phone and he did not leave a message. Now the baby is born and we have not contaced each other (he knows the baby is born). My friends are saying I should contact him - send him a text message with a picture of his son. I say I should not contact him. He will be contacted when he is served court papers for child support. I believe I am right, but am I just bitter?
By GennGenn 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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