What is fair to contribute to daughter's living expenses.

My husband and I are both in 2nd marriage. His ex received a little more than half of all assets in the divorce. She married less than a year after the divorce to the guy she was having an affair with. She works as a substitute teacher plus some retail hours. Their youngest is 21. Not working full time nor is she in school. We have been saddled with her rent, carpayment, & cell phone bill. She dropped out of school without telling us and so now she isn't covered by our health care insurance. Plus they are going back two years and asking to be paid back for the health bills they covered that should not have been paid because she wasn't a full time student. The ex thinks he is her dad and should be paying everything. I think we should split it. I also think she needs to start paying her own bills, but hit a brick wall with that. I work full time and make a good income, but feel we are bleeding to death from bills.
By sugarbird 15 years ago :: Marriage
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