Who is responsible for our meeting?

We met in a foreign country while we were both vacationing alone. I was hanging out on the beach sunbathing. He was lost in the jungle and found his way on the private beach I was staying on. He was on the wrong beach and had a hard time finding his way back to his. We talked briefly and he left without getting my phone number or email address. The next day we ended up on the same snorkelling trip! My side: I think I'm responsible for our meeting since I had been working for 2 years to manifest my perfect mate. I spent lots of time and energy thinking about exactly what I wanted. He agrees that he perfectly meets all of the criteria on my list. His side: He thinks he's responsible for our meeting since he was the one out "searching". He says I was not actively looking because I was sitting being lazy on the beach. I say he wasn't searching for his perfect mate...just his lost hotel.
By Hoops 15 years ago :: General
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