What is the best way to deal w/ a sassy child?

My boyfriends 10 year old son is ADHA and as much as we try to stay focused and keep him in control, he can get really mean and sassy.
I am not sure how to handle it when he gets sassy with me, he will repeat things i say in a super sassy manner.. like a neener neener kinda thing - and they are simple things, like please pick up your coat or whatever.
We have lived together for 10 months and i am left in charge of him quite a bit because my boyfriend works strange hours.
So basically for 8 hours a day i am the sole caregiver, so i do have some authority over the child... sometimes he responds well, other times he is just a stinker.
I am wondering if i should just try ignoring him... and not reacting to his actions
anyone have any ideas?
By rockitalk 15 years ago :: Parenting
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