do i have the right to wanna rip my friends head off..??? (exaggerating)

i moved out of my dadss house who by the way is my best friend , however my friend asked if she could stay there so she could go to school nearbye and we were both ok with it... however her mom has been calling my dad harrassing him cussing him out and saying that he needs to make her go home.... shes 18 yrs old.. i recently had a baby and she left a message to my dad saying just bcuz ur daughter f***** up her life doesnt mean u can take my daughter away... so messed up.. im mad for 3 reasons
1. my friend moved in knowing her mother was going to starat harrassing my dad
2. she hasnt apologized for her mothers behavior
3. she is still living there knowing that as long as she stays her mom will continue
By alexis 15 years ago :: Friends
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