How do I get my wife of 30 years to accept and appreciate my romantic and affectionate feelings for her?

My wife and I are empty nesters after raising three (3) children. I am a very affectionate and romantic person who likes to be physically intimate several times a week. I help her cook, do dishes, laundry, clean house and any other job I can do to help her. I bring her flowers almost every week and buy her clothes and shoes. I am 57 and she is 61 and on hormone therapy. She does not like my desire to be physically close and often reponds negatively (but sometimes positively). How do I get her to understand my feelings for her are good and enjoy our physical intimacy. We have a good relationship, but she doesn't seem to want the romantic side. I love her very much and want us to enjoy each other. She seems to get angry when I try to talk with her about this.
By Aldolpho 15 years ago :: Marriage
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