My married EX best friend slept with the same guy that I did...

We have been very close for a very long time. Recently I had started sleeping with this guy who I actually thought could maybe go somewhere atleast casually...then about a month ago my then best friend tells me she had ccheated on her husband WITH THE SAME GUY that I was sleeping with (which I had not told her that yet) ...i debated whether or not to tell her but i decided that our friendship was strong enough and if she was actually considering leaving her husband for this guy I wanted her to know the truth. She got furious with me and told me that she didnt want to be friends anymore.... i promised her that her secrets were safe but i still dont get what happened i thought I was doing the right thing and that she like i did would see this guy for what he really was a drop him but she made it out to be my bad. thoughts?
By anon123 15 years ago :: Friends
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