Is my husband cheating on me?

Ive been married 25 years. Over the past thirteen years my husband has:hidden money, hidden his cell phone, had womens phone numbers on his cell phone, secretive about where he has been, gone alot, not interested in me personally or sexually, very concerned about where i am and what i am doing. When confronted about the womens numbers on his cell phone he blew up at me and started screaming, no denial, no admitting anything. Two years ago we went on vacation, this one women he worked with called him every day, he said it was about work. She gave him nice gifts for christmas. Upon the return from our vacation my husband was fired from his job, he told me he was fired for not wearing ear plugs on the shop floor. I recently was told that he was fired because he got got caught with this woman having sex in the back of the shop. I confronted him, he didnt deny or admit anything so i moved out of our bedroom, after five days he told me he wanted me back and loves me but that he had never cheated. I even gave him an out, just tell me the truth and we will work through this. He says he cant understand why all the people he use to work with would say this about him. I dont want to believe he cheated but i cant get passed this.
By vicky66 15 years ago :: Marriage
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