Am I overreacting???

13-year daughter, and 5-year old son is on the drill team, while she twirls the flag and he the rifle. The challenge is the drill instructor uses excessive profanity toward the collective team. I have not been in attendance to these practices, yet my wife attends regularly. 5-year old comes home and report to me about the profanity. Once questioned the 13-year old, she was more concerned and upset for having to run lapse because of she and some team members watching another team without permission, than she was about being cursed at by the instructor. When asked why the instructor curses at them, she then stated that he explained that they respond if he curses and would not if he does not. I then asked my wife how would she feel if the children return home from school, stating that the teacher had cursed the class out daily, which she replied, “ I would have a talk with the teacher”. I then asked, well why is it so acceptable for the children to be cursed out by the drill instructor. Expressing my dissonance to my wife, and immediately planning to yank the children from the drill team, my wife explained, unbeknownst to me, that she and other mothers have addressed this with him, and will again. Over a month has passed, my wife has not offered any update, and when asked, she explained that he does not curse as much. I had explained that if an instructor cannot convey his teaching abilities to children without profanity, then he is not much of a leader, but certainly remains to be a wrong role model for our children. Am I overreacting???
By Sugabear1 15 years ago :: Parenting
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