My brother in law demands an apology even thought I have asked for forgiveness.

This is such a long story and I will try to condense it as much as possible. My brother in law and I had a disagreement, and because of the disagreement he proceeded through email to me, to change plans to have Christmans day at my moms instead of ours. We told him that we had made plans to have it at our because we had more room, this was the day before christmas. He said that because of our disagreement that we would have it at a nuetral place, that way if we wanted to leave gracefully we could, and we didn't have a problem with that or we wouldn't have offered to have it at our house to begin with. He proceeded to argue through email, that we would be having at my mom's and they would see us there. My husband was really put out with his attitude and said no, we were not going, and I emailed him back and said, "thanks for breaking up our family." He then through email said that he forgave me for saying that and nothing else had to be said. Well, we did'nt show up like we said, and after that he then demanded and apology for my saying he broke up the family, again through nearly a 5 page email every time. I told him at least 5 times we needed to meet in person to resolve this matter, he said that no, he was afraid emotions would be too high and we would say something we shouldn't, I even offered to meet in public so that wouldn't happen, he said no, he would not meet. So I honored his request and said through email, ok, since you won't meet with us, I never intentionally intended to hurt you, we forgive you, I hope you forgive us, lets put it behind us and go on, what do you say?" His response: You don't preface and apology with "we forgive you" I have done nothing to be forgiven of. I called him on the phone, said this had gone too far, we both need to forgive and forget, he hung up on me, called again, and wouldn't give me a chance to talk, hung up again, wrote me another 5 page email and said he had to hang up because I was preaching. I even talked with his mom and dad, and let them know I want this resolved, his dad agreed, his mom wouldnt talk with us. He wouldn't even speak to us at my neices wedding, my sister spoke, but he wouldn't even look at us. This is my 50 year old brother in law. What should I do?
By ladygator 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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