Should I attempt to reconnect with this person?

I have a long history with this man who I befriended 20 + years ago in high school,( who I'll call Charlie). For the first 4 years we were just friends, then dated our last year in high school until we graduated college. We remained very good friends for the following years. We saw each other through numerous relationships. Still hung out from time to time. While my husband and I were expecting our first child, Charlie kept asking me, "I'm going to be the godfather right?" After speaking to my husband, we both agreed that he was a very good choice. Approximately, 4 days before my daughter was to be christened, he called me and said, I can't be your daughters godfather, my girlfriend disapproves!" I was furious, I uninvited his girlfriend to the christening, and told him I was very disappointed in him and he was welcome to bring his mother to the christening, but not his girlfriend. He didn't show up to the church or party. I was really hurt. I chose my father to be my daughter's godfather. I have not spoken to Charlie in 4+ years. I was told that he was engaged and recently got married, but to my surprise not to the girlfriend he had at the time of this incident. Obviously, I hold grudges.......but I do miss his friendship! Should I attempt to contact Charlie?
By Francesca22 15 years ago :: Friends
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