Tell my friend Like it is? or Just tolerate it for old times sakes?

This person was my first bestie since we were 5 yrs old. We are now 41. My problem with her is that when her life was golden from childhood through our late 20's I would hear from her everyday. She would love to pour salt in my wounds and then was telling my lifelong personal secrets to her neighbor. Long story short, My life turned around completely and my sun is shining hard on me and the cloud is hanging over her life now.. Over the past 2 yrs she only calls me if she NEEDS a favor. I refuse to call her. I stuck to my guns and wont give in, In the past 4 months we spoke twice. When she had problems with her computer, etc.. I have since become very close with the neighbor over the past 7 yrs that she told all my secrets too. I never told her I knew what she did, I guess I was sparing the life long friendship. My point is that Im done. I want to blow up on her and tell her like it is. I feel I have years of anger built up with her and when we do speak Im not very nice. She has always been a very jealous person and I have never been. She knew what a lousy childhood I had and I am so proud of what my life has brought me. She can never say im happy for you to me. I know it kills her. She always had the sunshine. Maybe i'm having the last laugh now...Should I confront her or should I just let what's barely left of this friendship die out on it own?
By slednmom 13 years ago :: Friends
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