Would you accept your spouse as a heavy , daily drinker who hides his liquor yet is a very responsible person

My husband has been a heavy hard drinker for many years and has had several DWI'S. He drinks two quarts a week of 100% but never in front of me. He doesn't consider it hiding it from me, just not drinking in front of me. I see it as very sneaky and it causes great distrust on my part. He never misses work, takes care of his responsibilities for the most part, is not abusive at all, he just loves to drink a lot. It has caused many fights with us over 10 years yet I hang on for hope maybe one day he will stop or it will kill him one. I love him but there is so much resentment on both our parts, he wants me to leave him alone about it and I can't. It makes me crazy.
By mellie 15 years ago :: Marriage
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