Should i dump him , stay with him , or should we take a break and try again?

i have been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half yrs, since our senior prom. our relationship has had its share of ups and downs but we managed to make it through. when he lost his job cooking, his grandmom thretened to kick him out if he didn't find a new one, with the economy the way it is finding a job is difficult. so i and my mother let him stay in our home with us and use our computer to help him find a job and network. a while later i noticed that some of my change was missing. when i asked him about it he said he didn't use any of it, so i let it go because the quarters were basically on the floor. then my 100 dollar bill went missing. i waited a week to see if he would tell me he took it, or if it turned up and nothing. so i confronted him about it, later that night he told me he took it and lost it. it really doesn't matter to me whether he lost it or spent it, because he had to take it before he could do either one. our relationship was fine before that. anyone have any suggestions?
By sensable_07 15 years ago :: Dating
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