I am wondering if my boyfriend will ever get over me cheating when it happened several years ago.

I cheated on my boyfriend 3 years ago with a guy who meant nothing to me. Even though the mistake happened 2 times, I blame it completely on alcohol. I confessed, told my boyfriend everything and said sorry a million times. It has been over a year since my boyfriend found out and he still hasn't moved on. I have lost all contact with any guys, I have settled down and do pretty much everything my boyfriend asks of me. I have came clean and am trying to be the best girlfriend I can be. My boyfriend constantly makes remarks about me cheating, calls me names and makes me feel worthless for what I have done to him. I understand what I did is very hard to overcome, but I feel horrible and will never make the mistake again. I am wondering if my boyfriend will ever trust me again and move on with our relationship?
By dani0359 15 years ago :: Dating
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