I need to know the name of a movie..... They call me Shetar!!!

Ok as a kid i saw a movie it was about the late 80s and i seen a movie that was on a VHS tape.....i have no clue what it was but i can remember clips and as i tell them, folks are going to think i am so stupid but here goes....
The movie starts out with 2 boys that witness there uncle get shot to death on the front lawn....then i remember somehow they have the uncles brain in a jar and it talks to them and they do all sorts of crazy things and then i remember at the end of the movie there was this crazy scene were they are at a "nightclub" or something and this really pretty girl turns into something that is eating people with a "mouth" on her stomach and there is blood EVERYwhere. Then after she walks outside and is standing on the side of the road and a stranger comes by and pickes her up and he says " Hey Baby, before i stick my big sausage in ya, what they call ya" she says Shetar. and i think that was the end of the movie...please if anyone could tell me what this movie is!
By inlovewithmaimi 15 years ago :: General
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