My InLaws Are RASCIST & HATE Black People! How can i get them to STOP?

My Inlaws are Getting to Me Super Bad! They absolutely HATE Black ppl it doesnt matter where we are...Like if we all go to a Restaraunt & They see a Black person Theyll Laugh & start calling them Names Like Low lives,Ashy ppl,Ugly ppl & Most of all COCKAROACHES! i know its Disgusting! I already told my hubby that his Parents are fucked Up! i didnt care if he got mad...Because i find that so Offended To african people Its No their Fault what Skin color they have or watever..Me & all My Family are Latinas/Latinos But my Husband & his Family are all Light Complexion..They Really Look like White People! & Im kind of Darker Like In A Jessica Alba Type Of Skin Color. And well I Sometimes i Get emotional After Cause Ill try & tell them Face to Face They Shouldnt be Doing That But My father In law will tell Me off BAD (when my hubby aint around) & Say "why the hell ru defending Negros?" & I get Real Mad..I guess its Because Some Of My Favorite Singers ARE African American & Also some of My friends Too! So what is good advice? Or Should i just Ignore Them?
By Miss_Jackson 12 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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