Should I stop communication with my daughters father because he keeps saying that he will visit and doesnt?

I dated Ken (my daughters father) for 5 1/2 years. he broke up with me and two weeks later I was pregnant. We had talked out our differences and went looking for an apartment. Ken finally picked an apartment after looking at 43 of them. We put paint on the walls of the apartment and then he told me he couldn't move in with me. The next day I talked to a counselor and she suggested a pregnancy shelter. So I called and found one in California. I drove from Chicago, IL to California, 5 months pregnant. During my stay I took Ken to court and was awarded full custody of my daughter because he had never shown up. I moved out of the shelter and am in my first apartment with my daughter for 3 years now. Ken and I have an agreement that my daughter will talk to him every Wednesday. He has been telling me and emailing me print screens of potential flight arrangements of Jet Blue and Southwest, but never comes to visit. I don't know what to do you and how to tell my daughter that her dad isn't coming for her birthday or any other holiday?
By socalmom 15 years ago :: Parenting
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