was i wrong to break up with her? is it my fault? Who's fault is it?!

okay so i'm 21, i've been with my girlfriend (well not anymore) for a year, we had an amazing relationship and even saw each other as soul mates... the problem is- everytime we argue, it's always me who tries to sort things out. when i'm wrong- i apologise and ask what i can do to make it better.. when shes wrong-.. i still have to go back to her- because she says sorry- and but does the same thing over and over again.. doesn't try and make me feel better- just "sorry"... and then i still have to sit there and express how hurt i am .. i think you get the jist- it's always me trying to fix our problems.. when we do actually agree to sort things out though, she just closes up- doesn't say a word.. goes silent..
anyway- thats the situation.. the scenario is this...
i had an issue... which more or less was me feeling like she didn't care about our relationship.. eg; we would begin emailing at 10am (at work) and then by one o'clock, i'd email her back- and she wouldn't reply- she'd go home- and i wouldn't hear from her until 11-30 .. a goodnight msg.. "goodnight i love you"
so i got upset cos i felt stupid sitting waiting for her msgs. anyway- i expressd how i felt, and she said sorry- but then did it tuesday, wednesday and thursday... we argued about it on friday- and then didn't speak till saturday afternoon- when i initiated conversation- half way during our converstaion- trying to sort out problem, she leaves to pick up her brother from work.. - so i expect her to call me and pick up the conversation where we left off.. she doesn't.. so i msg her- she answers all my questions with 'i dunno'.
by this stage i'm furious.. i snap- and i go to her house.. and pretty much ask her whats going on- she says 'i couldn't be bothered arguing with you' so i was very upset- and broke up with her- thinking she'd see how serious i was... - she didn't do anythign... just sat there in silence- didn't oppose.. didn't fight back.. nothing..

anyway- so the scenario now is- she HATES me.. cos i broke up with her.. when it, in her words- coulda been so easily sorted out..(why didn't she try to then?)
she is so angry cos at the start of our relationship we said- because we wanted to be together always- that we promise we'd never break up- and would always sort out our problems.. and now because i broke the promise- i am at fault- it doesn't matter that i was hurting.. i'm at fault.. ...
in my opinion i think that i broke the promise- true- but.. the promise was made on the condition that we sort out all our problems- .. when one of us says they couldn't be bothered- have i still done the wrong?!
By needtorelax 16 years ago :: Dating
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