How do I go on? Where do I go from here?

My beautiful and loving wife of nearly 3 years visited her brother out of state who was having marriage diffilculties of his own a few months ago. We were so in love and the envy of everyone. Our life was in so many ways a model one and we were inseperable. Our interests and goals were the same and we promised each other forever and we were giddy with affection. However when she returned from her visit 3 days later she emptied the house while I was at work and moved in with her mom. She visited a few days later and asked for a divorce. Some weeks later she bought a trailer in a nearby town stating that she and her mom were going to live with each other but her mom never moved in.

I own a small home and farm and my wife loved living here with all of our animal friends and open spaces. I owned the home and it was a point of contention but we were fixing it up to sell it and move out-of-state to buy a larger parcel of land together and live the way we wanted. Then promotions at her job requiring her to obtain a master's degree which we settled on her acheiving. Then she was working 7 days a week, 10 hours a day and she never came home and I felt left out. Ultimately I was left out as she moved away. I would never interfere with her life but I had hoped that in time she would miss my love and all the wonderful things I would do for her daily. In fact I took great pride in spoiling her and seeing to her every need. She is younger than me but I didn't think that mattered, especially as we had been close friends for years prior to marriage.

Problem: I still love my wife intensely. I miss her so much and my heart is broken. My family is also devastated. She now has a new life without me but in my heart I still hope and pray for us.
By corbenpilot 15 years ago :: Marriage
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