If he found me on one of those dirtier dating sites, what's to stop him from finding other girls like me.

I joined one of those more exotic dating sites that promises to find you someone that you are compatible with in bed. It was


He contacted me through the site , and we eventually went on a date , we had fun , we ended up in bed , and it was great. I went on the site the other day to close my account since I thought I had found a cool guy, but I happened to check to see if his account was still active , and he was still posting in the public rooms and stuff , talking to all these other pretty women , and it made me mad. I confronted him , and he said he had met a lot of nice women on the site , and wants to remain friends with them , but has no intention of dating any of them. I DON'T BELIVE HIM!!!

By Evaloco 15 years ago :: Dating
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