I love my wife but we have no sex life. Any advice?

My wife and I have been married 16 years. Our sex life ended 8 years ago (after an abortion). Recently, I brought the sex thing up and she said she just doesn't feel like it. When I brought up the timing regarding the abortion, she got mad and said it was my choice because I said we couldn't afford it but as I remember it, we were concerned about her health. This would have been our third child and neither of the first 2 pregnancy's were easy on her. She nearly died after the first one and she was now over 40 years old. I suspect this is part of why she doesn't feel like having sex but as I think back, the frequency of our sex life started going significantly downhill after about 5 years of marriage. It feels like we are platonic roomates, friends who share everything but intimacy. Any advice to jumpstart our relationship?
By Outeredge 15 years ago :: Marriage
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