Did I do anything to deserve this treatment? Am I wrong or is he wrong?

My boyfriend, his younger sister and I went shopping today. We had lunch and all got fish and chips. My boyf ordered his meal for him and his sister and they were both given french fries and I was given crinkle cut as they were what was available. When I went to eat them he noticed and asked for us to swap meals as he wanted crinkle chips but i said no because my fish was nicer and i had extra stuff in my plate.

He got really angry and started swearing calling me selfish and greedy and told me to **** off infront of his sister before refusing to talk to me . He remained angry for the remainder of the trip (2hours). Then as we were leaving (I drove) he said to his sister he didnt want to sit in the front because he didnt want to see my face.

I dropped them home and then 30mins later wrote a message which said:

Im not going t apologise for eating my food when I was more than happy to share.How do you know I didnt want them too. You contributed to ruining the day because you made a big deal for nothing. Who cares you missed out on crinkle chips..on the other hands if I gave them to you....like i wouldnt have gotten over it too. but i definitely would not have disrespected you in front of your family by telling you to get ******...i would never :-(


Im not either...why am I going to appologise for swearing infront of my sister you deserve nothing less 4 being a selfish fat cow...and i would say it again

Who is in the wrong and why?
By oodles 16 years ago :: Dating
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