Am I wasting my time on this relationship?

I met him 6 months ago and we have been seeing each other whenever we can do to the fact that he is in the process of starting a divorce(they arent living together and haven't for almost a year) we see each other when we can due to the fact that he always has his child and at this time he don't want to confuse the child anymore then he already is, knowing mom and dad are no longer together but he has met two of my children and they really like him a lot and feel that it isn't fair to me that I have involved my children and I still haven't met his child. I have fallen in love with him and have told him the way I feel about him. I told him the way I felt because he had told me that cared deeply for me and when we are together we have a blast and he talks about things "like when you meet my family" and so on... I have no problem waiting for this man to get done what he needs to get done but I think I scared him away when I told him I had fallen in love with him and now he tells me he needs time to think. I have never been so confused in my life, was I wrong in telling him I loved him after 6 months ? and what should I do ?
By amber622 15 years ago :: Dating
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