Think she'll come around at some future date, or just forget the whole thing?


Long story.....
my wife passed away of cancer in feb of 2008, i knew it was coming for 2 years, when she finally died i felt a need to live and get on with life.
i dated about 5 women, then i finally met maria at the end of june 2008.

she was in a 6 year relationship that ended in march 2008, she also dated and no chemistry till she met me.

we got along fantastic the first 4 weeks, even planned on a permanant relationship, then her X shows un unnannounced and she did not call me for 2 weeks, did not even tell me what happened, after she gave him a second chance, she realized it was over between them and contacted me in early sept 2008...again we got along well, except i was no longer allowed to stay over her house, i had to drive back home after our dates (79 miles each way) also we have not been intmate during this time

we went on 2 nice fall trips, got along great to about the middle of november 2008 when she became too busy to see me for about 3 weeks, i called her on it. told her i loved her etc, and that i wanted to see her. she did not return my calls...for about 1 week, then i called and said we needed to discuss our relationship, we talked and she said i was insecure. then no more contact , so i sent her a letter , told her she was right and i came on too strong and that we should breakup. then at the end of december i was visiting cousens near her home, and decided to ask for me dvd player back, so i called , left a message,she texted me that i could pick it up, she left it on her front step around midnight in a box!

so ,now it's january and i see an investment property i knew she would be interested in. i call her , leave a message to get together for a cup of coffee, she texted me that i was phsychotic,! now i'm pissed, and try to forget about her.

comes first week in march, she contacts me to apologize for the text, we get together for a single date. turns into a whirlwind affair, with much intimacy.

then in may , i did not call her for a few days, she gets pissed and wants to end it. i talk her into giving me one more chance, she tells me she loves me, i embrace this and get all gaga ....
come the end of june she runs into an old buddy, never had anything but friendship with the guy and he proposes marriage to her, she tells me , and i assume she said yes, i was devasted, but we talked all that week, very dramatic, and finally when i tell her i went on date , she texted me to get together, we make up have a wonderful 4 days toghether, including taking her kids to the jersey short......turns out she turned the guy down flat out, but neglected to tell me! weird, why would she let me believe my assumption for a over a week.

then she tells me she's not feeling it and she did not want to see me around the 3rd week in july, but we get toghether the 4th weekend in july ,have a wonderful time with my friends and hot intimacy....make plans to get together in the future, longer term.
come monday, she's not feeling it again and sets' me free for good.

2 weeks go by and she calle me, we get together for a "first date" tell each other we're soulmates and belong togehter. how hot we are together and what great chemistry we have.

we get together for the weekend, friday night is great , but no sex.
saturday night was a dud, she says she getw withdrawn when she's around anybody too much and needs alone time, this includes her best friends, mom, brothers, sister, and even her own kids.
ok, i accept her for who she is, get a book in the library about introverts and read up.

we have a wonderful weekend tubing down the delaware with her kids, i feel like we're a couple... we get together on a wednesday date in nyc, went well, at the end of the night i felt a little tension, i guess she knew i wanted intamcy and she was not interested, so we went for a walk , afterward i went home and she went home.

now it's sept , and she has to do her taxes (extension)on labor day weekend(saturda), and has a family barbcue at her parents on sunday, i invite myself, her tone of voice goes down 10 octaves, so i call on sunday morning and ask her she doesn't want me to go, she agrees it's not a good idea,her mom would want to know in advance that i was coming.

now i dont' see her for 3 weekends in a row, but we talk on the phone, we make tentative plans and she cancels, but everything ok according to her, i call her and tell her this is not working for me, that i want a real relationship, she agrees to see me saturdya, but cancels saturday afternoon by text message, and she will call me saturdaynight, but does not call, i text her and call her but she does not respond!
come monday i send her an email about breaking a date etiquette, and she breaks up with me right then and there by email! after a year and 3 months a breakup by email!
i call,no answer,next day icall and tell her i'll be in the city and we can say goodbye face to face, i know she has a meeting in nyc on tuesdays. she does not respond.

now it's october, i miss her, i want to share the fall weather with her, still have feelings, still believe we are soulmates. i'm thinking she's thinking the same thing, should i reachout to her to see what she's feeling or just leave it alone.
i have not felt this way for anyone else other than my wife.

By m300cab 15 years ago :: Dating
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