Should I be allowed to have more 3 more wifes/common-law-wifes

I'm a polygamist wannabe. I have had three marriages before the marriage I'm in now. I was very reluctant to get married again but I met a very nice woman who spoke little english. We lived together for 3 years, she learnt quite a bit of english and I liked her a lot. I didn't think I could ever be faithful to one woman so I told her I would like to have four wives someday if I ever got married again. She agreed to that and I started looking for other women to agree also and found some. We had several conversations with our friends regarding this and her friends questoned her regarding me wanting others and she told them it was up to me. I loved her response and my liking her grew into loving her . We had a few triads which I enjoyed immensely. None of the other women came quite up to my expectations so they were short lived. Here's my problem. My wife doesn't want to to move forward with my desires and she said she didn't understand what I wanted previously and this is causing me to be frustrated. I don't understand how she could possibly not understand. My question is what am I to do? I'm not a monogamous person.
By tlc_lover 15 years ago :: Marriage
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