I finally found my long lost love after 20 years....should I go for it?

This is complicated....I met a girl 25 years ago and though we became friends, I never cheated with her because I was married. We both wanted to but didn't, even though I was in love with her. I lost contact with this girl after she moved back home to Seattle. My wife passed away several years ago and after a couple years I started dating again. Recently I met a wonderful woman who is beautiful, charming, smart....everything I want in a woman. We are engaged to be married but havn't set a date yet as I am unemployed. We have decided to wait until I find a job or ????

In the meantime I was on Facebook and 'ran into' my long lost love. We started conversing, emailing, reminiscing, talking on the phone. After 19 years, she is still not married and very much available. And she still looks good. I love my fiance but....I want to move to Seattle and marry this girl. I think she is receptive to it also. So now, i don't know what to do.
By Noonathome 12 years ago :: Dating
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