Am I right to protest my ex-wife allowing her boyfriend to interfere with my son's upbringing?

My ex-wife's boyfriend coaxed her into enrolling my 3-yr old son in a Catholic school. Neither of us are Catholic. We are non-denominational Christian. I was all for it initially because I thought he would learn more than just being in a public day care, and he would be more exposed to Christianity.
After just 2 weeks I discovered how strict and critical his teacher and the school is. He is expected to sit down and shut up immediately when the teacher utters a word. He made a toy gun out of leggos and was ostracized from other kids. I am bombarded by emails from his teacher for donations with little information on what the kids are taught and how they are progressing. I picked him up last Friday and he was in tears because the he was playing with a catepillar he made while waiting for me to pick him up and the teacher made him put it in his bag for the 12 foot walk to me waiting at the door. She practically yelled at me that "he just doesn't listen."
I have been sending civil emails to his mother explaining that this isn't right and I would much rather him attend a better day care or school. She never responds.
When I dropped him off on Sunday her boyfriend (Jose) met me at the door and asked to speak with me. He went on that he had read my emails and thought I was being critical of my son's mom (Amber) and that my son spends most of his time with him and that he and Amber are frustrated that the lessons he gets with them conflict with the lessons I give my son.
Jose is a good guy. He cares about my son and I told him I was very appreciative of that.
I just feel that he is over stepping his boundary. He is MY son and I feel that how he is raised should be discussed between his mother and myself. Where he goes to school should be decided between Amber and myself, how he is disciplined etc.
I will be speaking with him again tomorrow and I certainly want to get along with them but he is my only son and feel so strongly that Jose needs to back off. Am I wrong?
By hoss93 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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