My boyfriend of 6 months seems like he is slowly trying to back out of our relationship. I'm scared.

This guy and I dated in college and it didn't work for various reasons. Now 15 years later here we are. We jumped right into serious because we have known each other for so long. He lived 4 hours a way and asked me to move here to be close to him. I did with my kids. This made my exhusband take me back to court and caused a lot of problems but I was willing to do it for this man I love. at the time he was talking marriage. since then he has decided we just need to give it time for him to get to know my kids. AGAIN I agreed but he doesn't EVER come around when my kids are there. He works ALL the time so that is the reason he says but there are times when he could come over but chooses not to. He hates the work he is doing and wants to go back to his previous job. I support him and encourage him in that. I asked him if "we were ok" he said he didn't like how he had been living and he needed to change things. That he loved me but couldn't pick and choose what to hang on to. WHAT does he mean? If he is going to end things I wish he would just do it
By singer4 12 years ago :: Dating
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