Should I wait it out and hope for change?

I got married rather young and my husband is 21. He loves being drunk and partying. He has abandoned me before and cheated on me right before we got married when he was drunk. A couple months ago my grandfather was dying and I tried waking up my husband becasue I was so upset. Well he was still drunk and beat the crap out of me then fell back asleep. I had to wear a long-sleeve jacket for a while in the summer to cover up the bruises. The next morning he was so upset with what he had done and he was sweet as pie the next couple weeks. But recently he's been getting drunk everynight. He calls me a bitch and breaks me down verbally but he also says that he'll kick my ass all across town and back to my parents house. I know he's young, so maybe he'll grow out of this...i hope. I just don't want to be one of those girls who's drunken husband beats them up all the time and I can't really tell anyone because my husband would be furious.
By moppy368 15 years ago :: Marriage
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