Should i move on by screwing around

im deeply in love with my ex.. going through what seems to be a cycle of fighting then not talking then one person crawls back to the other. The only problem is the last fight she stormed out of my room after slapping me a few times for no reason. I tried to go to sleep but couldnt,
so i went to get some smokes on my bike cause i had a few drinks and couldnt drive my sportscar? her campervan which whe parked at the top of the street was crawling with guys
some of who i live with in accomadation. One of them asked me whats up and i said i was off.bye, because it hurt. so i peddled to a mates place and got very drunk..
i knew i will never talk to her again, and im going to sleep with alot of people she knows with, and she has a jealous side so i know it will eat her alive, but what a waste of time, one part of me knows that its all a big waste of time because we love each other so much..? But i dont trust her at all anymore and i dont really understand her point of veiw because the way she talks to me is so aggravating, once she is on a roll she just whines.. Its hard just to forget about everything because when we kiss an hold each other nothing else matters..
By 1mL057 16 years ago :: Dating
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