I would like to know if I should reply and cc her boss with my accurate time off this year, informing him of t

Ok, so it's clear to me that my manager does not trust me and apparently may not want me around but I would like to know if I should reply and cc her boss with my accurate time off this year, informing him of the bias actions she has displayed entering time for me and not for another.
I also want to know if it's ok to ask her if she blind copied this email to her boss. I would like to know if she is creating a paper trail on me, not that I plan on having any more issues.
I was really fond of my boss before but her sending out this misleading and contradictory information in anemail is not good and i am afraid.
More details;
I work in IT with a role which is a pretty self disciplined position. After being outsource two years ago, I got a new boss whom lives/work in another state. I had been nominated to be lead over all sites in GA except for one of the locations out in the Suburbs area of Atlanta. These past two years had become too much for this 35 year old mother of three teenagers. It's been the longest 2 years for me personally; I went through a depression last year after being let go from AT&T (don't ask why it hurt me) I have worked with my team since I was 24 years old and I was 34 two years ago, I finally got divorced, my mom had near death aneurism, My feet would ache every morning when I step out of bed, so I had surgery to correct the pain which left me four broken toes and two pins in my big toe, I had to fix a completely damaged basement due to water flooding I would move from my home because it was just too much work, but had to move back because the bus ride plan did not work. Nevertheless, I feel as if my manager and I relationship has been destroyed due to these events which I apparently have been cursed with. Witch Hunt vs. Prevention: With all that's happened with me personally I thought it would be wise to take my boss upon putting together a problem management type of Redbook, something techs could use upon starting this contract, etc. I know when done well, problem management can be a powerful tool to help improve service quality and IT value. Unfortunately, it is very rarely done well. All too often my manager bastardised my Redbook problem management project into nothing more than something to attribute blame to me not doing work or not being at work depending on her mood or if I had actually made myself visible or logged onto queue. After she insulted me/questioned my integrity the third time, I asked to transfer to the location near my home and step down from site lead. I started working at the new location three weeks ago , now when I leave for the day, I can focus more on my son's senior year and my other two children, my home which is in demolition state, and work on getting another car. In addition to my personal reasons a load is lifted from this position from not having to take anymore of those management big ego wasted effort morning calls, bullying technicians, beating reports/SLA in techs heads, oh and no more crying over reports, I called this true CHANGE MANAGEMENT.
OK to the issue:
After working 10 hour days at the new site for three weeks, I requested to be off and go and tour the GA TECH CAMPUS with my son and help him with some of his college entrance things. I called my boss Thursday about coming in early on Friday and leaving with the option of coming and work later instead of using vacation time. I mentioned I may need to do this again next week Tuesday. Her and my site lead agreed. So Friday morning gets here, I called my site lead and inform him that I would not have enough time to come in to work the morning but plan to make back later as I was already running late. So I go downtown with my son and this college stuff is taking up the whole day and by the time I made it back to the Windward area it was end of work day and I did not have an open opportunity to call Rob to give more details and I assume that things was good enough to make the changes to a full vacation day Monday morning instead of late Friday evening. This is not abnormal in our environment to make change to a vacation day. Mind you I was just a site lead so I didn't think I would have drawn such a dramatic email response from my manager, who appears to be bias because not only did she send me an email listing every moment I every called in, she listed my medical leave as if I called in ill in May, June, and July. I asked my manager if she could forward me a copy of the vacation calendar which she sends out to her team often and what was so funny but actually quite hurtful, is that during these past three weeks of working under my new site lead, the team and myself has had to cover for him being out. Just in the 3 weeks I have been here, he has been on four different occasions, once he claim traffic was bad when he showed up two hours late. He left to go to a dentist appointment for the remainder of one day, off a day to fix a water leak at his home and not one of these absences or tardies was recorded in my manager's vacation calendar. Good forbid I mention that this site lead has had more real HR issues dealing with things from racism to profanity to seeing death threats drawn on white boards in their IT labs, sleeping etc.
Please feel free to read the actually email, I did change the names:
Neither bob nor I heard anything from you on Friday and you did not come in as planned.
What happened that you couldn't let one of us know?

You are aware that your attendance cannot slip again. You must communicate when you will be out and
advance notice/approval is important. We had an escalation for one of your WOs and
no one available to help. We had borrowed Luis again but still could not keep up with
our tickets - it was very busy..

I have a list by month of how often you have missed work. Much of your vacation taken
was last minute or very short notice, like Friday. (Please change report to show Friday
as vacation day.)

I realize that part of your time off was well-documented for your surgery but even that was last minute
notification. Please look at how much we have had to work around your absences.

Ill – 4 days
PM – 2 half-days vacation

PC – 6 days unplanned for family emergency

VA- 4 and a 1/2 days short notice
IL – 1 day

VA – 2 days last minute
IL – 2 days

IL – 7 days (MTR obtained)

IL – 22 days (STD approved))

IL – 4 days

VA – 4 days last minute and called in mid-morning on one day.
LA – more than an hour late 3 times

IL – 4 days
AB – missing for 2 days with no word (stated worked at remote site)

Oct through 10/09
Requested to work late shift but did not call or make it in - 10/09.

If you were running a business, would you be able to accommodate
an employee who has missed a great deal of time and whose vacation
time off is generally last minute notice ? I can't either - your absences
and short notice or no communications affect our ability to take care of our clients.

Please contact me before planning the next day off you referenced when we talked Thursday."
By leeia 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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