How do I see my first grandchild who lives local? My son is in the Military. His girlfriend has issues with me

I had never met her or heard of her until she was pregnant. She had no where to go so I invited her to live with me. My son is in the Military out of state. They infact were not even a "couple". I wanted a DNA. Told both of them. They both also wanted the test. She was unsure herself. (But she will never admit that again) She lived with me until her family allowed her to come back. The day after the baby was born, the DNA was done in the hospital room. Why wait? Right? Needless to say, ever since then she hasnt had ANY contact with me. Now she says it was to soon to test. My son is out of state. And yes 99.9% he is the baby's daddy. I want to be a part of my grandchilds life.
By NeedAdvice101 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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