Do I give him another chance?

My boyfriend, of the last 5 months, who is 24, cannot make up his mind I think and I want to make it up for him. He says he wants to marry me and have children with me and I am everything he wants. He recently even, on his own, gave up his apartment to move in with me and this weekend we are supposed to be moving into a new house together. He says he loves me so much but cannot stop screaming at me when he gets angry over the smallest things. Then he also starts name calling, cursing like a sailor and even sometimes the verbal fights end up into pushing and shoving fights. He has gotten a little better with it - it going from a every 2 day thing to a once a week thing but he is not stopping. He was used to being the controlling one in his past relationships but with me it's not working, as I don't go for that. I told him I am leaving him this morning and I am moving by myself. He is in tears and is begging for another chance saying that he will totally stop doing these things to me and focus more on just making me happy and loving me. He has said this before 3 times or so in the last 2 months. Do I forgive him and give him another chance or just move on?
By MeliB 13 years ago :: Dating
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