Is it wrong for a married man to wear panties?

Coming up on our 20yr wedding aniversary. The past 9 years have been sexless. Prior to marriage, my g/f at the time introduced me to women's panties. We played games and I began to wear them. I broke up w/her and started dating the woman who would become my wife. She found my panties and I explained that I wore them. Fast fwd to nine years ago, I was pleasuring my wife orally and had read somewhere that when doing this, if you make the "come here" signal with your finger, it could stimulate the womans G-spot. My wife thought I was "violating" her. Sine the no sex, I returned to wearing panties. NOTHING else. No bras etc.... No dresses. I'm not a cross dresser per se. just womans panties. Since I've been faithfull to her these past years, why no enjoy ssomething that makes me feel sexy? I'm not showing anyone. I'm not hurting anyone. I've tried a counsolor, she went seperatly and hated it. We're back to square one. She threw out all my panties, and I start buying them. I'm now up to 12 pairs.
By Oddball 15 years ago :: Marriage
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